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 Born in New York City in 1939 to  immigrant parents, Peter Leventhal spent his lifetime devoted to drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpting, with more than 40 solo exhibits to his name.


In his 60s, he left the city to live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he met his wife and lived until passing in 2019. Though he lived with Parkinson's disease, when the tremors in his right hand became too much to work with, he switched to using his left hand and continued his art for another ten years.


In his own words, " I proposed to myself to find a way to the aesthetic beauty of painted images and I wanted my work to 

emulate the ample, complex construction of the art of the past; figurative, narrative, and elegant."


Clearly, he lived by those words.



grapes of heaven_edited.jpg

Woodblock Prints

Black and White.jpg


The Study.jpg

Wood Sculptures

Peter's Perro.jpg
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